Notes (Troubleshooting)

Before carrying out an upgrade or importing Support Packages:

·        You are not sure whether all modifications to SAP objects were carried out with the system change option All objects (with correction system).

Check whether the objects you modified are recorded in repairs. To do this, you can use the analysis report Search for objects in requests/tasks in transaction SE03.

·        No repairs or customer transports are displayed by the Transport Organizer (SE01) although you know that objects have been modified:

Indicate the objects that have been modified by including them in a repair and subsequently releasing it.

During the adjustment:

·        No differences are found when you compare the second to last and third to last versions:

During the last upgrade or Support Package import, you did not perform adjustments to retain changes you had made to objects.

Indicate that modifications to these objects are no longer needed with the Reset to original function.

·        You want to reset objects to original during modification adjustment or in the Modification Browser. However, the system displays an error message telling you that the system setting does not allow the object to be modified. When you confirm the dialog box, a message indicating that the operation was terminated by the user is displayed.

When you reset objects to original, the modification logs are altered although the actual sources remain unchanged.

The system change option must – at least temporarily – be set to "modifiable" so that you can reset the objects to original.

It is also possible to reset the objects to original in another system of your development environment and afterwards import them using a transport request.

·        Objects changed with the Modification Assistant cannot be processed using the respective tool. The system displays a message telling you that you must carry out a release upgrade comparison or a modification comparison first and that no changes are possible. You may also see a message informing you that changes are forbidden.

The cause of this problem is that you want to process an SAP object which has been modified or enhanced already in the current system using the Modification Assistant. During the upgrade or import of a Support Package an object version modified by SAP was transported into the system. However, the new SAP version has not yet been compared with the modified version and adjusted accordingly.

Perform a modification adjustment (SPAU) for the object. Objects supported by the Modification Assistant can be adjusted by clicking the traffic light symbol.

·        Modifications are recognized if they are repairs to the SAP standard or imports of SAP objects. Requests in the customer namespace (number range 900000 to 999999) "modify" the SAP objects contained. All other requests are treated as preliminary corrections.

During the Repository switch, you must distinguish between the following modification classes:

-         Modifications made to an object of central SAP Basis

-         Modifications made to an application object

The first type can only be preliminary corrections since the SAP System would otherwise be no longer executable. Objects of central Basis are generally adjusted to the SAP standard during the Repository switch. For security reasons, an error message is displayed in the RUN_RDDIT006 phase if such a modification exists.