Transferring Adjustments to Other SAP Systems

To automatically transfer modifications to a subsequent system once you have completed modification adjustment, use the Mark for transport function in SPDD or SPAU.

A dialog box appears prompting you to specify the change requests that contain your modifications.

When importing Support Packages, you can select several change requests at the same time.

For the upgrade, if you have only created one change request for all modifications during the entire adjustment, enter the number here.

If your modifications are recorded in several change requests, you first have to place all entries in a single request. Several requests cannot be marked for transfer.

Proceed as follows:

·         First call the request overview of the Transport Organizer (transaction SE09):

Tools ® ABAP Workbench ® Overview ® Transport Organizer ®Display (left half of the screen).

·         Make sure that all tasks under the requests used during modification adjustment have been released.

·         Position the cursor on the request number of the selected request.

·         Choose Request/task ® Object list ® Include objects

·         Select the option Object list from request, enter the number of another request used during adjustment in the field provided, and include its object list.

·         Repeat steps 4 and 5 until the object lists of all requests used during the adjustment have been included in the request selected in step 3.

·         Now enter the request in which the object lists were included in the SPDD or SPAU query window.