Local and Transportable Change Requests

You can access the request overview in the Transport Organizer by choosing Own requests in the request query dialog box or by choosing:

Tools ® ABAP Workbench ® Overview ® Transport Organizer

The request overview is displayed in the form of a hierarchical list and is organized according to the categories "Transportable" and/or "Local". If you only have change requests belonging to one of the categories, only this category will appear.

The configuration of the transport routes in the SAP System determines whether changes to objects during modification adjustment are recorded in a local or transportable change request. You cannot and must not change these settings during the upgrade. In all cases, the change request can still be used for automatically transferring modifications to a subsequent system. For this procedure, the change requests are not released in the normal way, but handled specially.

Do not change the configuration of the transport routes in your system group during the upgrade.