Choosing a Change Request for Modifications

If you make changes during the modification adjustment for ABAP Dictionary objects (SPDD) or Repository objects (SPAU), a request query dialog box of the Transport Organizer appears.

To create a change request, proceed as follows:


       1.      The first time you are prompted to enter a request in SPDD or SPAU, create a new request by choosing Create request.

       2.      In the dialog box which appears next, enter a meaningful short description and save the request.

       3.      When you choose Continue (green check mark), the object is included in the change request.

Generally, when you edit other objects, the same change request is automatically proposed in the request query dialog box. Then choose Continue.

If no request is suggested, choose Own requests to access an overview of your requests. Double-click the request that is to be used for your SPAU or SPDD request.

If your SPDD or SPAU request is not proposed and does not appear in the overview with Own requests, you can create a second request.

In the above case it is essential to refer to the section Choosing a Change Request to Transfer Modification Adjustments to Other SAP Systems.

However, this only occurs in certain exceptional situations.