Upgrading the Production System

During the test phase of the upgrade, the R3up upgrade control program checks whether there are any change requests registered for transport from the development system to the production system. If this is the case, R3up offers to import the transport automatically, instead of you carrying out adjustments with transactions SPDD/SPAU. If you choose this procedure, you still have the option of stopping SPDD/SPAU to check the changes accepted automatically before they are activated.

If you decide to import a transport automatically, a subsequent analysis checks whether there is an entry in the transport you specified for each modified object found in this SAP System. Only if this is the case is the transport marked as suitable.

If there are more modified objects in the production system than in the test system, they cannot be dealt with by the transport. This means that you have to adjust these objects.

If you had more modified objects in the test system than in the production system and these are also contained in the transport, you import these into the production system with the transport.