Adjusting Other SAP Systems

If you have both a production system and a development system, the maintenance level is first imported into the development system, where quality tests are performed. After testing, it is then imported into the production system (or other SAP Systems).

The process of adjusting objects in the production system is the same as in the development system. If your development system and production system have the same technical status, you can use a simplified adjustment procedure.

The same technical status means that:

·        Before the upgrade was performed or the Support Package was imported, the development system and the production system were running on the same version of a Release

·        All objects modified in the development system are the same in the production system or will be copied there.

If your systems meet the above requirements, you do not need to carry out a further manual adjustment in transactions SPDD/SPAU. Instead, you can simply transport the changes made from the development system to the production system. If you do this, you are not prompted to run transactions SPDD/SPAU during the upgrade/Support Package import, even if objects have been modified. In this way, the time required for performing upgrades or importing Support Packages in a production system can be reduced.

A description of the adjustment procedure must take the upgrade of the development system and the upgrade of the production system into account.

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