Preparing to Run Transaction SPAU

Before you begin adjustment, set the SAP System change option to “All objects (with Transport Organizer)”:


       1.      Start transaction SE03 as user DDIC and choose Tools ® Administration ® Set system change option.

       2.      Select Modifiablein the Global setting dialog box.

       3.      Choose Continue.

       4.      Choose Edit ® Select all.

       5.      Save your entries.

       6.      Then log on as a normal user, since user DDIC may not perform any repairs.

When you make adjustments, keep the following in mind:

·         Work under your normal user name and not as user DDIC.

·         When an object is modified for the first time, a request query dialog box appears asking you to specify the change request where modifications should be recorded. Create the new change request with the function Create request. It is not important here if you want to retain the modifications for this object or if you want to reset the object to its original. When you change the next object, the system automatically uses the same change request provided the correction and transport system has been configured accordingly. The dialog box prompting you for a request is then not displayed.

You should use the same request for all further changes you make in connection with transaction SPAU.

·         If several developers are involved in the modification adjustment process, you can create a changeable transport request with several tasks before modification adjustment begins.

·         If each developer creates his or her own transport request during modification adjustment, these requests must be consolidated into a single request. This single request which contains all modification adjustment objects can be selected for transport to subsequent systems.

A good way of proceeding with the execution of the modification adjustment is the following:

·        The system administrator calls the Modification Browser (SE95), without specifying a changer’s name, and then contacts all the developers (for example, by e-mail) who have processed a note.

·        The developers call the Modification Browser, enter their names as a selection criterion for the display, and then perform the adjustment for objects modified by a note.

·        The system administrator informs all the developers who have modified Repository objects.

·        The developers perform the adjustment and then release their tasks.

·        The system administrator releases a transport request.

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