Transaction SPDD

Processing in transaction SPDD is based on the Release that has just been imported, where the Release upgrade is stopped by the R3up upgrade control program or Support Package Manager.

Data elements that have been changed with the Modification Assistant are displayed with a green or yellow traffic light.

Objects that have been changed without the Modification Assistant are displayed with a yellow or red traffic light.



There were no overlaps between the delivered SAP objects and the customer modifications. If you click on the green traffic light, the customer’s modifications are adopted. A green tick in front of the object confirms this.

If you do not wish to adopt the customer’s modifications, choose the function Reset to Original.

There were overlaps between the version delivered by SAP and the modified version of the customer. If the object was modified using the Modification Assistant, dialog boxes with appropriate queries will appear to support the semi-automatic adjustment.

If an object was not modified using the Modification Assistant, reports for supporting the adjustment are called. These are reports that were already used when there was no way of executing the modification adjustment with the help of the Modification Assistant.

If you have a red traffic light in front of an object, you can edit the object manually only in the appropriate maintenance transaction of the ABAP Dictionary or using the Version Management function.

The functions in transaction SPDD are identical to those in transaction SPAU. For more information, see General Functions in Transaction SPAU.


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