Preparing to Run Transaction SPDD

When adjusting ABAP Dictionary objects during the release upgrade, the ABAP Workbench already has the new release (but not the applications).

Set system change option

Before you begin adjustment, set the system change option for the SAP System to modifiable for all namespaces:


       1.      Start transaction SE03 as user DDIC and choose Administration ® Set system change option

       2.      Select Modifiable in the Global setting dialog box.

       3.      Choose Continue.

       4.      Choose Edit ® Select all.

       5.      Save your changes.

       6.      Then log on as a normal user, since user DDIC may not perform any repairs.

Checking the User for the Upgrade

You must be able to log on to the system as user DDIC in client 000. In a newly installed system, 19920706 is the initial value for user DDIC. To be able to perform all operations, user DDIC needs authorization SAP_ALL.

If modification adjustment is required, log on in client 000 as the user who is designated to perform the adjustment in SPDD. This must be a different user to user DDIC, as DDIC is not allowed to perform modification adjustments.

If profile SAP_NEW, which contains the authorizations for the new release, is available in your system, make sure it is assigned to the following users in addition to the existing profiles.

·        DDIC

·        SAP*

·        The use who is designated to perform the modification adjustment with transaction SPDD

You perform the modification adjustment during the upgrade in a phase in which the system has an undefined state and user maintenance transaction SU01 cannot be executed. To create a user, choose Tools ® Administration ® User Maintenance ® Users (SU01). Provided that you are authorized to create users, you can also use report UPGADDUSR. For the adjustment, UPGADDUSR creates user upg_tmp_user with password init in the client in which the report runs. The user is valid for one week.

If the profile SAP_NEW is not available in your system, we recommend that you temporarily assign profile SAP_ALL to the user who is designated to perform the modification adjustment with transaction SPDD. Remember to remove this assignment once the upgrade is complete.

Activating Objects During Modification Adjustment

Save your work in the Dictionary Maintenance transaction (SE11) but do not activate any objects yet. Activation is carried out automatically after the adjustment has been performed.

When importing Support Packages, this does not apply for objects that you created during the adjustment. You must activate these yourself.

Transporting the Modification Adjustment

Whenever an object is modified, a request query dialog box appears asking you to specify the change request where modifications should be recorded. For the first object you modify, create a new change request with the function Create request. You should use the same request for all further changes you make in connection with SPDD.

For the adjustment of subsequent Release upgrades or other SAP Systems (such as production systems), it is important to observe the following. Create exactly one request in the Workbench Organizer for all corrections carried out in connection with transaction SPDD. For further information see Adjusting Other SAP Systems, Handling Change Requests During Modification Adjustment and Support Package Manager: Including Modification Adjustments.