Adjusting ABAP Dictionary Objects

This section describes how ABAP Dictionary objects are adjusted. An adjustment is carried out using transaction SPDD and must be performed as soon as you are prompted to carry out a modification adjustment for ABAP Dictionary objects.

This section deals with the following objects:

·        Domains

·        Data elements

·        Tables (structures, transparent tables, pooled and cluster tables including their technical settings, indexes of transparent tables)

If you adjust data elements that have been changed with the Modification Assistant in an earlier release, the changes can be copied automatically.

Changes to other ABAP Dictionary objects such as type groups, table types, views, search helps, match code objects, match code indexes and lock objects cannot result in the loss of data. They are not handled by transaction SPDD, but by transaction SPAU when the upgrade has taken place.

You do not need to perform adjustments with transaction SPDD if:

·        You have made no changes whatsoever to SAP standard ABAP dictionary objects

·        You have only added your own development work to the SAP System, that is new domains, data elements, or table structures in the customer namespace. Only changed SAP objects require further processing.