Event CK/VC: To Check New/Changed Entries

This event disables the standard view cluster maintenance checks which are made when creating a new entry or changing an existing entry for an object.

You must perform the following standard checks yourself at the event:

  • When you create or change an entry in an object, check the type ‘C’ relationships maintained under field dependencies, i.e. check the foreign keys in the internal data.
  • When you create a new entry in a dependent object, check whether the entry exists in the higher-level object, i.e. perform an internal "foreign key check", even if no foreign key relationship is specified in the ABAP/4 Dictionary for this object. This ensures the consistency of the view cluster.

The entry to be checked is in the global unstructured work area VCL_OBJECT_AREA. You can use the structure of the view/table.

If an error occurs, send a message with RAISING INVALID_KEY or RAISING INVALID_VALUE.