Unicode Conversion of View Clusters with Events

Events 1-10, EQ and GR

There are no Unicode conversion-relevant parameters for these events.

Events 11, 12 and CK (Determine Dependent or Higher-Level Entries for Hierarchical Operations and Check New/Changed Entries)

You must edit the global work areas VCL_OBJECT_AREA and VCL_REDUCTION_AREA analogously to the work area TOT_WA, via structured field symbols. For further information, see Unicode Conversion of View Clusters with Global Parameters.

Events RE and SV (Define a Read or Data Save Routine)

You can no longer specify an unstructured internal table as the destination in the


statement under Unicode. For furthr information, see Conversion of the Data Containers TOTAL and EXTRACT in the "Example: Standard Database Access Routines" section.

The same applies to the other database accesses.