License Administration with Transaction SLICENSE


Up to now you have managed licenses of the old type in transaction SLICENSE. Now you can switch to the initial screen for digitally-signed license keys by choosing the pushbutton  New Licenses (see also SAP License Keys).

If you have not installed a license yet, you can log on as the sap* or work with a temporary license, which is installed automatically when you install or upgrade your system.

The sap* user is not authorized to delete licenses!


You are logged onto the SAP System and are authorized to use this transaction (authorization object S_ADMI_FCD=SLIC).


You can use this transaction to

·        Display all installed licenses (initial screen; the currently active installed license is highlighted)

·        Install a new permanent or a temporary SAP license

·        Delete an SAP License 

·        Determine Hardware Key for any computer in the system


In the SAP menu choose Administration ® System Administration ® Administration ® SAP Licenses  or enter the transaction code SLICENSE.