Installing Permanent (Fixed Period) SAP Licenses


To operate your SAP system on a permanent basis you need to install a permanent license. This license can be for a fixed period (see Validity Period of SAP License Keys).


·        You are in transaction SLICENSE and have chosen the New Licenses button.

·        You have received the license key for your installation from SAP.

Installing Digitally-Signed License Keys


       1.      Choose Install Temporary License.

A dialog box appears, in which you specify the local file to be loaded from the file system.

       2.      Enter the license key file and confirm your entry.

A success message appears for you to confirm.

The new license is displayed under Installed Licenses.

       3.      Then check whether you can log onto the SAP System.


The license has been correctly installed if you can log on. If problems arise (if an error message is displayed during the installation procedure,  if you cannot log on, and so on), please refer to the section entitled FAQs Regarding the SAP License.


The permanent license is installed and displayed in the list of licenses. The license is activated straight away.