Applying for an SAP License


Your installation is assigned to one SAP software product. A license is granted for exactly one SAP system based on your installation. For your installation number, either contact your contracts department or refer to the delivery note. You can only configureone production system (see System Types) under each installation number. You can only request more than one productive system with SAP NetWeaver and mySAP ERP.


You have to apply for a separate license for each system. To determine your license key, we need the following data:

·        Installation number: 10 digit number assigned by SAP

·        Contact person: first and surname of the person requesting the license

·        Telephone and fax number as well as e-mail address: dialing code of requester and their e-mail address

·        System ID: system name (C11, T11, ...)

·        Software product: Name of SAP product (SAP NetWeaver, APO, BW, and so on)

·        Software product release: release of the software product

·        Basis Release: Release of the underlying SAP Basis software (z. B. 4.0B, 4.5B, 4.6C, 6.10, 6.40.)

·        Hardware data: operating system, licensed database system

·        Reason for the request: new installation, hardware change, and so on

·        Hardware key: 11-character hardware key of your host computer

·        Type of system: Productive, test (see appendix: sSystem Types)

·        License type:

Ў        Standard (license key for ABAP installation)

Ў        J2EE Engine (for the pure J2EE Engine installation)


Determine your hardware key and then request your SAP license key.

See also:

·        You can find details of license keys with a restricted validity period under sValidity Period of License Key

·        You can find details of the 18 digit system number created when the license key is generated under Unique System Numbers for Old License Keys and Unique System Numbers for New Keys.