Deleting an SAP License


You can delete licenses that are no longer needed. A license should be deleted for instance, if the SAP system was created from a copy of an existing SAP system, or if the computer that the hardware key belongs to is no longer in use.

Never delete “obsolete” licenses if you do not have an active license. Using this information the system decides whether a temporary license can be installed (see Installing Temporary SAP Licenses in the Prerequisites section).


You are in transaction SLICENSE, have chosen the New Licenses pushbutton and have a list of installed licenses.

Read the section Notes On Deleting SAP Licenses.



       1.      Choose the licenses you want to delete in the list.

       2.      From the menu, choose Edit ® Delete License


The selected license is deleted. On the SAP Service Marketplace enter the details of the SAP system for which you have deleted the license. See Deleting SAP Systems on the SAP Service Marketplace.