High Availability Configurations

The licensing procedure enables you to install several licenses at once. This is necessary, for example, for the following configuration:

·        Cluster environment comprising computers with standby hosts which can be activated in the case of a failure ("high availability" strategy)

If standby hosts are defined for the message server (or SAP System) in high availability configurations, a license must be installed for each one. You can determine the hardware key (customer key) of the standby host by following the procedure in Determining the Hardware Key or by calling upsaplicense -get (AS/400: saplicense '-get') on the host.


Request your high availability license as detailed in SAP note 1815423.


If you do not already know which hardware key is relevant after the failover, you can install a temporary licence on the standby host. Then you have two weeks either to switch to the old host or to install a permanent license on the standby host.

To find out how to automatically install a temporary license see SAP Note 5388081: High Availability SAPLICENSE.