Installing a Temporary SAP License


You can use a temporary license to bridge the time period until the permanent license requested from SAP is received. The temporary license is valid for four weeks. A temporary license may be required in the following cases:

·        If the hardware configuration of the host on which the message server is running changes The hardware key of the computer can also change.

·        If the mesage server is moved to another host

·        If the validity period of the permanent license runs out. You can use the temporary license to extend the expiration date by 4 weeks.


·        You are in transaction SLICENSE and have chosen the New Licenses button.

·        Within the last four weeks there has been a valid, applied for license and it has been checked

The following message tells you that a temporary license cannot be granted because the date of the last successful license check was more than one month ago.

saplicense: Temporary license NOT installed,      *** Old license older than 4 weeks

·        The SAP system was not created from a copy of an existing SAP system.

Apply for a license before you are about to work with a copied SAP System.

Install a temporary license


       1.      Choose Install Temporary License.

The new license is displayed under Installed Licenses.

       2.      Then check whether you can log onto the SAP System.


The license has been correctly installed if you can log on. If problems arise (if an error message is displayed during the installation procedure,  if you cannot log on, and so on), please refer to the section entitled FAQs Regarding the SAP License.


The (temporary) license is installed and displayed in the list of licenses. The license is activated straight away.