Determining the Hardware Key


You can use the transaction SLICENSE to determine the hardware key on all computers to which an RFC connection is maintained. saplicense ?get (iSeries: saplicense '-get')  is then executed on the computer in question and the result is returned.


·        You are on the first screen of transaction SLICENSE and have chosen the New Licenses button.

·        You have administrator authorization.



       1.      Choose the pushbutton Determine Remote HW Key ().

The following dialog box appears:

All of the computers that are maintained as RFC destinations in transaction SM59 are listed here. The highlighted computers are the servers that belong to the same SAP System (these are also displayed in the Overview of SAP Application Servers SM51).

You can determine several hardware keys here - for example, for those computers on which you want the message server to run (for example, for failover configurations).


The hardware keys are stored in the Alternative Hardware Keys list. You can then cut and paste the required hardware key when you install your SAP license.

Now you are able to request the SAP license key (see Requesting the SAP License Key).