FAQs Regarding the SAP License

The following is a list of frequently asked questions regarding the SAP license.

·        To install the license you do not have to shut down or restart the SAP system.  The installed license is activated straight away.

·        What is the system number? A system ID for which there are Old License Keys and New  License Keys depending on the release.

·        Does the customer need a separate license key for the Enterprise Portal SAP NetWeaver 2004 Support Package Stack 09?

No, he/she does not. As of Enterprise Portal SAP NetWeaver 2004 Support Package Stack 09, the portal no longer asks for a license key.

·        Which SAP notes about licenses could help solve problems that may occur?

Note Number



No valid license installed; no logon


No valid license after hardware change/upgrade


Problem with saplicense during the upgrade


saplicense cannot delete index


saplicense -get on DEC-UNIX gives no key


RC 99 when installing the license


Formation of the customer key (HW key)


saplicense: Trace functions


SAP license key invalid after AIX upgrade


How to install license


Installation number is INITIAL


Request license key for system/delete system

·        What should you do if the notes cannot help?

Create a message in the SAP Service Marketplace under service.sap.com/message under component:

Ў        BC-CST-SL, if an error occurs with the license that you cannot solve with the help of the notes.

Ў        XX-SER-GEN-CONTR, if you have questions about the license agreement or your contract.

Ў        XX-SER-LIKEY, if you have questions about the license key.

Tips on creating a message for old type license keys:

You also have the option of Testing the License Key. This may help you locate the source of the problem. You can also create a trace file with detailed information by using saplicense -test pf=<Profile> TRACE=2.

In most cases, saplicense ?show and a trace file are necessary to solve any problems with old type license keys. To speed up the problem solving you can include these details in the message. If you have problems creating the trace file read note 193800.