Unique System Numbers for Old License Keys

As of SAP Web AS 6.10 the licensing department assigns the unique system number. The SYSTEM-NO. is unique. You can only enter an SYSTEM-NO. for an SID. If a license with a SYSTEM-NO. already exists when you install the license, the new SYSTEM-NO. must be identical with the existing one.

There are two exceptions to this:

·        The SYSTEM-NO. of the new license is "INITIAL_SYSTEM_IDX"

·        All old licenses have "INITIAL_SYSTEM_IDX".

However only one SID is ever affected. If there are licenses for several SIDs in the system, only the SID specified in the new license is relevant. The new field is displayed on the initial screen of Transaction SLICENSE.

Old Licenses Without System Numbers

You can still install old licenses that do not have a SYSTEM-NO. When you are asked to enter the details leave the SYSTEM-NO empty (do not enter blank characters, just confirm with Enter) and then enter the other data. The SYSTEM-NO will be given the value "INITIAL_SYSTEM_IDX". The old license is then valid as normal.

How Does the Upgrade Work?

When a system is upgraded, all old licenses in the system are also upgraded. In other words, SYSTEM-NO. gets the value "INITIAL_SYSTEM_IDX". The table is then updated. The following occurs:


       1.      Read out licenses.

       2.      Upgrade licenses, that is, assign them a SYSTEM NO.

       3.      Delete table.

       4.      Recreate table.

       5.      Insert licenses.