This function passes data across the XXL interface. If you want to do this, you must first decide what you want to do with the data. You can:

  • Save the data as a SAPoffice document
  • Save the data as a PC file
  • Transfer the data to Excel

This function is available in single-level lists.


Before you can transfer data into a spreadsheet program, you must install this program.

If you perform a download in Excel without first installing Excel, a file is saved in the proper format but is not downloaded.


Perform the function when you want to transfer data to the XXL interface.

When you transfer data to Excel, the columns may be resorted so that they are shown in Excel sorted according to characteristics and key figures.

Note that totals rows are not included when data are transferred to the XXL interface.

Also note that the list formatting functions of the SAP List Viewer are not available when data are transferred to the XXL interface into Excel. For example, there are no filter functions in the Excel list, nor is it possible to show exceptions or row markings in Excel.