Environment Variables (UNIX)


Environment variables define values used by the Oracle database and BR*Tools. This section describes the variables used when the operating system is UNIX.


The database uses the environment values for many different purposes. BR*Tools also use the values.


The following variables are required:

·        ORACLE_SID

System ID of the database instance

Example: C11

SAPSID or sapsid refers to the SAP System ID.

DBSID or dbsid refers to the name of the database instance (database instance system ID).

When a single instance is installed, SAPSID and DBSID are the same.

·        ORACLE_HOME

Home directory of the Oracle software.

Standard: /oracle/<DBSID> /<database version>


Directory of the database files.

Standard: /oracle/<DBSID>

The variables ORACLE_SID, ORACLE_HOME and SAPDATA_HOME must always be set. There is no default.

The following environment variables must only be set if the corresponding paths deviate from the defaults specified here:

·        SAPARCH

Directory for the BRARCHIVE logs.

Default value: $SAPDATA_HOME/saparch

·        SAPBACKUP

Directory for the BRBACKUP, BRRESTORE, and BRRECOVER logs.

Default value: $SAPDATA_HOME/sapbackup

·        SAPCHECK

Directory for the BRCONNECT logs.

Default value: $SAPDATA_HOME/sapcheck

·        SAPREORG

Directory for the BRSPACE logs. It is also the standard directory for export dump files, if the parameter exp_dump_dir in the profile init<DBSID>.sapis not set.

Default value: $SAPDATA_HOME/sapreorg

·        SAPTRACE

Directory for Oracle trace files and the alert file.

Default value: $SAPDATA_HOME/saptrace

·        SAPDATA1

Directory of the database data files.

Default value: $SAPDATA_HOME/sapdata1

(The same for SAPDATA<n>, n=1,...99).

The environment variables SAPDATA<n> must only be defined if directories are used that differ from the default.

·        TWO_TASK

Identification of a remote database system.

This environment variable must be left unset.

Other environment variables that you can set for BR*Tools:

·        BR_LINES

Definition of the number of lines in list menus.

Recommended height: і 20 lines.

For more information, see Configuring the Scroll Line Count for BR*Tools.

·        BR_LANG

Definition of the message language:

Ў        E: English

Ў        D: German

·        BR_TRACE

Setting the trace function for error analysis. For more information, see SAP Note 29321.

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