-f dbalter

This BRSPACE function  alters the state of the database instance. For more information, see Altering the Database Instance with BR*Tools.

Function options:

·        -a|-action: specifies the action to change the state of the database instance

Syntax: -a|-action switchlog|checkpoint|archlog|noarchlog

Ў        switchlog switches the current online redo log file

Ў        checkpoint performs a database checkpoint

Ў        archlog turns on archivelog mode

Ў        noarchlog turns off archivelog mode

The database must normally run in archivelog mode.

Otherwise you have no record of database transactions, which means you cannot restore and recover the database in the event of a crash.

For more information, see the Oracle documentation.

Default: none, since you must always specify an action

·        -f|-force: forces an immediate shutdown of the database instance to mount state, as required to change archivelog mode

Default: does not force a shutdown if SAP users are connected.

·        -i|-instance: Defines which database instances are to be altered

Syntax: -i|-instance all_inst|<instance>|<instance_list>

Ў        all_inst alters all instances of an Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) database

Ў        <instance> alters the state of the specified instance

Ў        <instance_list> alters the state of the specified instances

Default: the database instance defined by the ORACLE_SID environment variable

You only need to specify database instances for Oracle RAC.