Instance Management with BR*Tools


You can manage your Oracle database instance with BR*Tools.

This section describes how you perform instance management with BR*Tools.

For more information on the approach to instance management, see Instance Management.


·        BRGUI or BRTOOLS calls the SAP tool BRSPACE. You can also manage the database instance by calling BRSPACE from the command line. However, unless you choose batch mode with the option –c force, BRSPACE displays menus to help you enter the required options.

We recommend you to normally use BRGUI or BRTOOLS rather than BRSPACE directly. This is because the menus in BRGUI or BRTOOLS simplify entry of the correct options.

·        If required, set parameters to control the screen display for BRSPACE in the Initialization Profile init<DBSID>.sap. These are scroll_lines and show_period.


You can perform the following functions for database instance management with BR*Tools:

·        Start up the database

·        Shut down the database

·        Alter the database instance

·        Alter the database parameters

·        Recreate the database

·        Show the database instance status

·        Show database parameters



       1.      You choose Instance Management in the BRGUI or BRTOOLS menus or directly from the command line. You can use quick mode if you have specified the instance name(s). For more information on quick mode, see How to Use BR*Tools.

       2.      If required, you change the default values for the parameters in the initialization profile init<DBSID>.sap and restart BRTOOLS.

       3.      If required, you choose Instance Management ® Reset program status  to set the defaults used to the values set after you started BRGUI or BRTOOLS.

       4.      You start database instance management.

       5.      You check the results of the database instance management in the BRSPACE logs.