The SAP tool BRRECOVER for Oracle databases is used as a database administration tool to help you recover your database.


You can use BRRECOVER from:

·        The command line

·        BRTOOLS with character-based menus or a GUI


·        Make sure that the initialization profile init<DBSID>.sap is configured properly.

·        Familiarize yourself with the BRRECOVER command options.


You can use BRRECOVER to perform the following:

·        Complete database recovery

·        Database point-in-time (PIT) recovery

·        Tablespace point-in-time (PIT) recovery

·        Whole database reset

·        Restore of individual backup files

·        Restore and application of offline redo log files

·        Disaster recovery

For more information on the approach to restore and recovery, see Restore and Recovery.

BRRECOVER writes the following logs:

·        BRRECOVER detail log

·        BRRECOVER summary log