-f dbstart

This BRSPACE function starts the database instance. For more information, see Starting Up the Database with BR*Tools.

Function options:

·        -f|-force: If the database is running, forces an immediate shutdown then restarts the instance, even if SAP users are connected

Default: does not force a restart.

·        -i|-instance: Defines which database instances are to be started

Syntax: -i|-instance all_inst|all_down|<instance>|<instance_list>

Ў        all_inst starts or restarts all instances of an Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) database

Ў        all_down starts all database instances that are currently down, that is, stopped

Ў        <instance> starts the specified instance

Ў        <instance_list> starts the specified instances

Default: the database instance defined by the ORACLE_SID environment variable

You only need to specify database instances for Oracle RAC

·        -m|-mode: Defines the mode in which the database instance starts

Syntax: -m|-mode normal|restrict|force

Ў        normal starts the database instance normally

Ў        restrict starts the database in restricted mode for database administration only

Ў        force forces a shutdown abort and then a restart

Default: normal

·        -s|-state: Defines the state of the database after startup

Syntax: -s|-state open|mount|nomount

Ў        open opens the database for normal user access

Ў        mount associates the database with its instance and evaluates control files

Ў        nomount builds up the database instance and allocates operating system resources

For more information on database states, see the Oracle documentation.

Default: open