New Features in SAP Release 6.40

There are the following new features in SAP Web Application Server (SAP Web AS) Release 6.40.

·        New SAP tool for administration of Oracle databases, BRSPACE, which you can use for:

Ў        Instance Management

Ў        Space Management

Ў        Segment Management

We are no longer delivering SAPDBA.

The following applies to BRSPACE:

Ў        BRSPACE is part of BR*Tools and replaces the SAPDBA functions that have not so far been replaced by other BR*Tools.

Ў        As of SAP Web Application Server 6.40, SAPDBA is no longer being released.

Ў        You can continue to use SAPDBA 6.20 linked to Oracle 9i with SAP Web AS 6.40. However, we strongly recommend you to only use BR*Tools instead.

Ў        BR*Tools 6.40, including BRSPACE can be used for all SAP Releases based on Oracle 9i.

Ў        For more information on BR*Tools, see the following SAP Notes:

Ў        646681

Ў        647697

Ў        668640

·        New functionality for split mirror disk backup with the SPLITINT interface program, implemented using the following new parameters:

Ў        For BRBACKUP: online_mirror and offline_mirror in brbackup –t|-type

Ў        For the SPLITINT program: split_options and split_resync in the initialization profile init<DBSID>.sap