This BRSPACE command option specifies the function to be performed. You should always enter a function.

Input syntax: -f|-function dbstart|dbshut|dbalter|dbparam|dbcreate|dbshow|



Default value: current status of database instance is displayed

Function Options

·        dbstart

Starts the database

·        dbshut

Shuts the database

·        dbalter

Alters the database instance

·        dbparam

Alters database parameters

·        dbcreate

Recreates the database

·        dbshow

Shows database information

·        tsextend

Extends a tablespace

·        tscreate

Creates a tablespace

·        tsdrop

Drops a tablespace

·        tsalter

Alters a tablespace

·        dfalter

Alters a data file

·        dfmove

Moves a data file

·        tbreorg

Reorganizes a table

·        idrebuild

Rebuilds an index

·        tbexport

Exports a table

·        tbimport

Imports a table

·        tbalter

Alters a table

·        idalter

Alters an index