RAC with the init<DBSID>.sap Profile


This section contains information on the profile init<DBSID>.sap for the Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC).


·        dd_flags and dd_in_flags

You must install the RAC database on a cluster file system or raw devices. If installed on raw devices, the backup runs using the dd command. Therefore, make sure that you set the parameters dd_flags and dd_in_flags, which specify the required dd command. See Raw Devices with BRBACKUP and BRRESTORE.

You do not need to set this parameter if you use external backup tools to back up your database, with the following setting for backup_dev_type:

backup_dev_type = util_file | util_file_online.

·        parallel_instances

This parameter defines the instances running in parallel to the DDB instance.

All database instances (including the local one, DDB) must be specified in the list of instance descriptions.