Standby Database: Remote Database Connect Requirements


Certain conditions are required for the connection to a remote host with the Oracle Standby Database. You must be able to manage the primary Oracle instance from the standby instance, that is, you must be able to start up and shut down this instance from the standby host. You must be able to perform these operations from a local SQLPLUS session.


BRARCHIVE and BRBACKUP, which are started on the standby database server, connect remotely to the primary database. Therefore, make sure that the instance string in the primary_db parameter is defined to Oracle SQL*Net in the tsnnames.ora file.

Test the connection in SQLPLUS with the following command:

connect system/<password>@<value_of_primary_db>



       1.      Create an Oracle password file on the primary database:

orapwd file=<ORACLE_HOME>/dbs/orapw<DBSID> password=<sys_password> entries=10

       2.      Set the remote_login_passwordfile parameter in the init<DBSID>.ora as follows:

remote_login_passwordfile = exclusive

If the parameter is entered only after an instance has been started up, you must restart it, so that the parameter becomes effective.

       3.      Start as user SYSand execute the Oracle command:

SQL> connect / as sysdba
SQL> grant sysoper to system;

This grants the system user SYSOPERauthorization on the primary database instance.

       4.      If necessary, change the password for the system user:

SQL> alter user system identified by <password>;

It is not necessary to give the SYSTEM user SYSOPER authority in the Oracle password file of the production database if the primary database remains open all the time before and during the backup of the standby database.