Selecting Database Backups


You select BRBACKUP database backups when using BRRECOVER to perform:

·        Complete database recovery

·        Database point-in-time (PIT) recovery

·        Tablespace point-in-time (PIT) recovery

·        Whole database reset

·        Restore of individual backup files


·        BRRECOVER only displays backups that finished with a return code of 0 or 1. The exception to this is for restore of individual backup files, where all backups are displayed.

·        BRRECOVER displays complete, incremental, and partial backups.

·        BRRECOVER recommends the most recent successful backup as a default for the recovery. Unless you select another backup, it uses this for the recovery.

·        For a complete database recovery, a database PIT recovery, or a tablespace PIT recovery, you can select multiple partial backups. BRRECOVER processes these intelligently. That is, it automatically detects overlapping partial backups and uses only the latest available data files.

·        For whole database reset, BRRECOVER does not display partial backups for selection.

·        For restore of individual backup files, you can only select one backup. In this case, BRRECOVER also displays backups with errors. If you are applying an incremental backup, BRRECOVER only displays incremental backups.

See “Example” below for the contents of the log file.



       1.      If required, select a backup that is different from the default recommended by BRRECOVER.

For whole database reset, you can only select the following types of database backup:

·         Complete offline

·         Complete online consistent

·         Incremental offline

·         Incremental online consistent

For more information, see Database Backup Types.

       2.      Choose Continue to continue processing with the selected backup.

For complete or PIT recovery, BRRECOVER roughly checks the availability of offline redo log – that is, archivelog – files in the BRARCHIVE summary log file, depending on the device type used for the backup:

Ў        Tape or BACKINT

Ў        Disk

Ў        Stage (remote disk)

If the files are unavailable, BRRECOVER issues a warning. You can continue if you are sure that either of the following is true:

Ў        You can find the required offline redo log files

Ў        The offline redo log files will not be required

BRRECOVER identifies files that were added during or (only for PIT) after the selected backup. For example, a tablespace might have been extended during an online backup. Such files are not contained in the backup but they might need to be recreated.

This does not apply to complete database recovery and restore individual backup files.

       3.      Check the results in the BRRECOVER detail log, v<encoded timestamp>.<ext>.

For more information on how to view the logs, see Showing Logs with BR*Tools.


This example shows the contents of the BRRECOVER detail log file for this procedure.

Database backups for complete database recovery


Pos.  Log           Start                Type      Mode   Device   Rc


  1 = bdjwhckx.ffd  2003-01-29 17.30.51  offline   full   disk      0

  2 - bdjwhadu.fft  2003-01-29 17.05.14  offline   full   tape      1

  3 - bdjwgyrq.fff  2003-01-29 16.48.42  offline   full   util_onl  0

  4 - bdjwgwtj.fnt  2003-01-29 16.26.55  onl_cons  full   tape      0

  5 - bdjwgvvh.fnf  2003-01-29 16.16.29  onl_cons  full   util_onl  0