New Features in SAP Release 6.10

There are the following new features in SAP Release 6.10:

·        BRARCHIVE support for backup of offline redo log files with Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN)

This enables you to develop a comprehensive strategy for database files and offline redo log files. You can also take advantage of internal block consistency checking by RMAN for offline redo log files.

·        Software compression for backups on remote disk

This helps to reduce the network traffic load required for backups. For more information, see backup_dev_type.

·        Support of util_file_online logic for offline backups

This enables you to fully implement split mirror and snapshot scenarios in BACKINT.

·        New user interface for BRCONNECT

The main new functions are:

Ў        Database system check

Ў        Adapt next extents

Ў        Update statistics

Ў        Clean up old logs and trace files

For more information about the new commands, see Command Options for BRCONNECT.

·        SAPDBA support for the following new features:

Ў        Creation and extension of locally managed (that is, "bitmap") tablespaces and reorganization of locally managed tablespaces.

Ў        Veritas Quick I/O to administer files from file systems as if they were raw devices