Deleting Offline Redo Log Backups on Disk with BR*Tools


You can use BR*Tools for Oracle to delete disk backups of the offline redo log files (that is, the archivelogs). BRARCHIVE performs the deletion.

Make sure that you copy disk backup files to another storage medium, such as tape, before you delete them with this procedure.

BRARCHIVE deletes all available disk backups of offline redo log backups when you perform this procedure, unless you restrict this by setting the Maximum number of files (see the table below).


Make sure that you have set the necessary BRARCHIVE parameters in the initialization profile init<DBSID>.sap, because BRTOOLS uses these when it calls BRARCHIVE.



       1.      Start BRGUI or BRTOOLS.

       2.      Choose Backup and database copy  ® Additional functions  ® Deletion of archivelog disk backups.

       3.      Set the required options:

Menu Entry

Equivalent BRARCHIVE

Command Option

BRARCHIVE profile (profile)


Database user/password (user)


Backup device type (device)


Delete after second copy (sec_copy)


Maximum number of files (number)


Confirmation mode (confirm)


Query mode (query)


Additional output (output)


Message language (language)


BRARCHIVE command line (command)

This shows you the BRARCHIVE -a -ds|dc command that is to be executed using the current settings.

       4.      To start processing with the selected options, choose Continue.

       5.      You check the results in the BRARCHIVE logs.

Ў        The summary log arch<DBSID>.log displays the return code.

Ў        The detail log a<encoded timestamp>.<ext> displays progress.

For more information on how to view the logs, see Showing Logs with BR*Tools.