Restoring Control Files


You restore the control files when using BRRECOVER to perform:

·        Database point-in-time (PIT) recovery

·        Whole database reset

For a whole database reset, you also restore the offline redo log files, but only if you selected an online consistent backup.

Whereas a whole database reset always restores the control files, a database PIT recovery only restores them if they:

·         Are missing

·         Do not match the selected backup

This procedure calls BRRESTORE to restore the control files and – if required for whole database reset – the offline redo log files.


You can repeat this phase if a BRRESTORE call has failed.

See “Example” below for the contents of the log file.



       1.      Set the required options:

Menu Entry

Equivalent BRRESTORE

Command Option

BRRESTORE profile (profile)


BRBACKUP run (backup)


Restore device type (device)


BACKINT/Mount profile (parfile)


Files for restore (mode)

-m|-mode 0[,archive_logs]

Confirmation mode (confirm)


Query mode (query)


Compression mode (compress)


Additional output (output)


Message language (language)


BRRESTORE command line (command)

This shows you the BRRESTORE command that is to be executed using the current settings.

Restore device type (device) is taken from the device type used for the selected backup.

Files for restore (mode) refers to the Oracle file ID or the keyword archive_logs. The files for restore varies:

·         For the control files restore, a dummy file ID, 0, is used.

·         For the restore of offline redo log files from an online consistent backup (only relevant for whole database reset, as described above), the keyword archive_logs is used.

       2.      To start the restore with the selected options, choose Continue.

       3.      Check the results in the BRRESTORE logs:

Ў        The summary log rest<DBSID>.log displays the return code.

Ў        The detail log r<encoded timestamp>.<ext> displays the progress.

For more information on how to view the logs, see Showing Logs with BR*Tools.


The control file restore runs in a similar way to the example shown in Restoring Data Files.