-f dbparam

This BRSPACE function  changes the value of database parameters. For more information, see Altering Database Parameters with BR*Tools.

Function options:

·        -a|-action: specifies the action to change the database parameter

Syntax: -a|-action change|reset|create

Ў        change changes a database parameter

Ў        reset resets a database parameter

Ў        create creates the init<DBSID>.ora file from the spfile

Default: None, since you must always specify an action

·        -c|-comment: lets you enter a comment on the parameter change

Default: No comment

·        -i|-instance: defines for which database instance the parameter change is to apply

Syntax: -i|-instance <instance>

<instance> changes the parameter of the specified instance

Default: changes the parameter for all instances

You only need to specify database instances in an Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) system.

·        -p|-parameter: defines which database parameter is to be changed

Syntax: -p|-parameter <parameter>

<parameter> changes the specified parameter

Default: none, since you must always specify a parameter to change

You must specify this option if you want to set a special parameter (that is, a “_” parameter). For more information, see SAP Note 744585.

·        -s|-scope: defines the scope of the parameter change

Syntax: -s|-scope memory|spfile|both

Ў        memory changes the parameter immediately for the specified running instances

Ў        spfile changes the parameter in the Oracle spfile for the specified instances, but this takes effect only after the instance has been restarted

Ў        both changes the parameter in both memory and spfile for the specified instances

Default: both

·        -v|-value: defines the new parameter value

Syntax: -v|-value <value>

<value> specifies the new parameter value

Default: None, since you must always specify the new parameter value.