You can use this function to export and import database objects. BR*Tools uses Oracle export and import functionality to:

·        Export database objects

You can export tables with their data, table and index definitions, and with other database objects such as constraints, grants, views, synonyms and sequences.

·        Import database objects

You can import objects that have earlier been exported.

·        Export database objects to null device

You can use this to validate database objects.

Export and import enables you to back up database objects in addition to other database backups. If you only want to back up particular tables, export is a good method. For example, you can add to the data backup you perform before a reorganization by exporting the objects that are to be reorganized.

This function is only intended for use with objects in a single database.

Do not use this function for the transport of database objects between databases.

The logical structure of SAP data is so complex that data objects are often distributed across many tables and many tables are linked largely according to the relational database model. Therefore, if you attempt to transport data between systems with this function, you end up with inconsistencies in the SAP system.

Use the SAP correction and transport system to transport objects between SAP systems. Create new SAP databases using the SAP installation procedure.

Do not use this function for restore.

The data backups from an export are logical backups. This means that you cannot use them as part of an Oracle restore. The exported objects are static and are only consistent with the database if it remains unchanged.

You can export and import partitioned tables and indexes with BRSPACE. The export and import does not change the partitions and their parameters.

If a partition of a partitioned table or index is in a tablespace that you want to export and import, BRSPACE exports and imports all other partitions of the object in other tablespaces too, even if you do not specify that you want to reorganize the other tablespaces. In other words, BRSPACE exports and imports all partitions of a partitioned object.


For more information on how to perform export/import, see:

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·        Importing Tables with BR*Tools

·        Special Export Functions with BRSPACE

For more information on how export/import is used in practice, see Reorganization Case Study.