Configuring the UNIX Command at for BR*Tools Batch Functions


This section tells you how to configure the UNIX command /usr/bin/at, which you can use to schedule BR*Tools functions in batch mode.


The at command has the following authorizations:

r-sr-xr-x  root  root  at

To use at, you must make an entry in the file /usr/lib/cron/at.allow. Add ora<dbsid> to the list of authorized users.

The running at process has root authorization, and analyzes the jobs created by BR*Tools in file /usr/spool/cron/atjobs.



       1.      To list all at jobs, enter the command at -l.

These jobs are transparent files that you can display using UNIX commands such as vi, view, more, and so on.

       2.      Make sure the proper entries have been made, and then test your configuration.

For example, reorganize a small table or tablespace such as PSAP<SCHEMA_ID>USR. This helps you avoid processes crashing due to incorrect configuration of the at command.