The detail log file contains full information about what happened during the recovery.


The file displays information about the:

·        Relevant parameters from the initialization profile init<DBSID>.sap that were set during the BRRECOVER run

·        Recovery type

·        Menus that were displayed during the recovery and the options that you chose

·        BRRECOVER commands used to perform each phase of the restore and recovery, and the results

·        Remounting of the database

·        Status of the tablespaces, data files, control files, and redo log files

·        Names of the database files to be restored and/or recovered


BRRECOVER detail logs have names of the following form:

v<encoded timestamp>.<ext>

The name consists of:

·        Action ID

This consists of the fixed character v and the <encoded time> that the recovery was performed.

·        Function ID

The suffix <ext>indicates the restore type:

Ў        crv: Complete database recovery

Ў        dpt: Database point-in-time recovery

Ў        tpt: Tablespace point-in-time recovery

Ў        drs: Whole database reset

Ў        rif:Restore of individual backup files

Ў        alf:Restore and application of offline redo log files

Ў        drv:Disaster recovery


This is an example of the start of a BRRECOVER detail log for complete database recovery:

BR0701I BRRECOVER 6.40 (0)

BR0705I Start of database recovery: vdjwhllh.crv 2003-01-29 19.12.25


BR0101I Parameters


Name                           Value


oracle_sid                     GC2

oracle_home                    /oracle/GC2

oracle_profile                 /oracle/GC2/dbs/initGC2.ora

sapdata_home                   /oracle/GC2

sap_profile                    /oracle/GC2/dbs/

recov_type                     complete

recov_copy_dir                 /oracle/GC2/sapbackup

recov_interval                 100

scroll_lines                   20

backup_dev_type                tape

system_info                    oragc2/oragc2 uw1030 SunOS 5.8 Generic_108528-15 sun4u

make_info                      sun OCI_901 Jan 29 2003

command_line                   brrecover -t complete -c force


BR0280I Time stamp 2003-01-29 19.12.25

BR0707I Recovery of database: GC2

BR0708I BRRECOVER action ID: vdjwhllh

BR0709I BRRECOVER function ID: crv

BR0710I Recovery type: complete

BR0134I Unattended mode with 'force' active - no operator confirmation allowed


BR0280I Time stamp 2003-01-29 19.12.25

BR0655I Control menu 101 # please decide how to proceed


Complete database recovery main menu


 1 = Check the status of database files

 2 * Select database backup

 3 * Restore data files

 4 * Restore and apply incremental backup

 5 * Restore and apply archivelog files

 6 * Open database and post-processing

 7 - Exit program

 8 - Reset program status


Standard keys: c - cont, b - back, s - stop, r - refr, h - help


BR0280I Time stamp 2003-01-29 19.12.25

BR0134I Unattended mode with 'force' active - continuing processing with default reply '1'


BR0614I Database instance GC2 is mounted

BR0750I Database instance GC2 will be remounted now


BR0280I Time stamp 2003-01-29 19.12.25

BR0307I Shutting down database instance GC2 ...


BR0280I Time stamp 2003-01-29 19.12.31

BR0308I Shutdown of database instance GC2 successful


BR0280I Time stamp 2003-01-29 19.12.31

BR0330I Starting and mounting database instance GC2 ...


BR0280I Time stamp 2003-01-29 19.12.41

BR0331I Start and mount of database instance GC2 successful