Creating or Changing Synonyms for DBA Tables


You can create or change the synonyms for the DBA tables in your Oracle database with BR*Tools.

The results of DBA operations performed using BR*Tools are stored in one component of a multi-component database. You can use this function to change the component where the results are to be stored and where they can be viewed.

For more information, see Additional BRCONNECT Functions.


·        Make sure you have set the necessary BRCONNECT parameters in the initialization profile init<DBSID>.sap, because BRTOOLS uses these when it calls BRCONNECT.

·        The database must be running.



       1.      Start BRGUI or BRTOOLS.

       2.      Choose Additional functions ® Create/change synonyms for DBA tables.

       3.      Set the required options:

Menu Entry

Equivalent BRCONNECT

Command Option

BRCONNECT profile (profile)


Database user/password (user)


Database owner for synonyms (owner)

-f crsyn -o|-owner

Message language (language)


BRCONNECT command line (command)

This shows you the BRCONNECT -f crsyn command that is to be executed using the current settings.

       4.      To start processing with the selected options, choose Continue.

       5.      Check the results by viewing the messages displayed on the screen.