Support on SAP Service Marketplace


If problem situations occur in the system, SAP Service Marketplace provides fast, effective help. Here you can address questions to SAP directly and immediately receive an initial response. You receive the same information that SAP itself uses for support work.

SAP support staff use incoming customer messages to write SAP Notes. SAP developers also create Notes to help you fix potential problems or to offer missing information.

Process Flow


       1.      You sign on to SAP Service Marketplace with the quick link message to enter your problem message:

The system searches automatically for SAP Notes matching the words in your problem message.

       2.      You can also use the alias notes to reach the SAP Notes area, where you can search manually for SAP Notes to help fix your problem.

       3.       There are different ways to search for helpful notes, such as:

Ў        Entering the application area, such as BC-DB-ORA-DBA

Ў        Entering the SAP Release

Ў        Specifying the number of the note, if known

Ў        Searching with free text, by entering a meaningful keyword, as in the following examples.

brbackup, brarchive, brconnect, brrestore, brrecover, brspace, restore, maxextents, offline redo logs, control file, stuck, archivelog, tape_size, expir_period, reorganization, restart, ora-<error number>, BR<error number>, init.ora,, reconnect