Backup to Multiple Disks


You can use BRBACKUP for Oracle backup to multiple disks if the space available on one disk or logical volume is not sufficient.

To do this, you use the init<DBSID>.sap profile parameter backup_root_dir to specify the directories on the different disks where you want to save your database files.

This is an example of the entries required in the init<DBSID>.sap initialization profile for parallel backup:

?        Device type:
backup_dev_type = disk

·         Backup directories:
backup_root_dir = (/backup/dir1, /backup/dir2)

?        Compression parameters:
compress = no|yes

BRBACKUP normally uses all the directories specified in backup_root_dir in parallel to back up the database files. The number of copy processes corresponds to the number of disks. Since BRBACKUP attempts to optimize the speed of the backup, all the hard disks specified in backup_root_dir are written to, except if the number of files you want to back up is smaller than the number of disks. You can change this setting with the init<DBSID>.sap parameter exec_parallel or the command option -e|-execute.

BRARCHIVE uses the value of parameter archive_copy_dir as the destination for offline redo log file copies on disk.

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