New Features in SAP NetWeaver 2004s

There are the following new features in SAP NetWeaver 2004s:

You can already find these new features in higher patch levels of BR*Tools 6.40.

·        BRSPACE function recreate database

·        Online conversion from LONG and LONG RAW fields to CLOB and BLOB, enabling all SAP tables to be subsequently reorganized online. For more information, see SAP Note 646681.

·        Tablespace renaming (Oracle 10g) in Altering a Tablespace with BR*Tools supported

·        Shrink segment feature (Oracle 10g) in Altering Tables with BR*Tools and Altering Indexes with BR*Tools supported

·        Backup verify enhancements

·        Rebuild of NOLOGGING indexes after recovery, as described in Restore and Recovery

·        BRCONNECT check condition CRITICAL_TABLESPACE, as described in BRCONNECT Default Conditions for Database Administration

·        Parameters and options for BR*Tools:

Ў        init<DBSID>.sap parameters pipe_copy_cmd and archive_dupl_del

Ў        Backup and restore modes partial, non_db, and incr_all, as described in BRBACKUP -m|-mode

Ў        Disk mirror split with BRBACKUP -q split

Ў        BRCONNECT options stop|suspend|resume for BRCONNECT -f stats -u

Ў        “Secure copy command” scp in init<DBSID>.sap parameter stage_copy_cmd