This BRRECOVER command option defines the restore device type.

Input syntax:
-d|-device tape|tape_auto|tape_box|pipe|pipe_auto|pipe_box|

Default: tape

BRRECOVER supports the following backup media:

·        tape: Local tape device.

·        pipe: Tape device of a remote system.

·        tape_auto or pipe_auto: Prompts for changing the tape are suppressed. This is only useful when you use a tape device with automatic tape changing (tape changing device).

·        tape_box or pipe_box: Jukeboxes or autoloader tape devices that can be addressed locally or remotely. The drivers for the data transfer (cpio, dd) are defined in the parameters tape_address or tape_address_arch, the drivers for rewinding are defined in the parameters tape_address_rew or tape_address_rew_arch and the drivers for mounting and dismounting the tapes are defined in the parameters tape_address_ctl or tape_address_ctl_arch.

·        disk: Local disk. You have to use disk for disaster recovery if backups were done with rman_disk.

·        stage: Restore from remote disk. You have to use stage for disaster recovery if backups were done with rman_stage.

·        util_file|util: Used for a recover created by external backup programs for file-by-file backup. If you use this option, you might have to create a file containing the parameters required for that type of recover. If a parameter file of this type is required, you must specify the name of the file in the profile parameter util_par_file or with the option -r. You have to use util for disaster recovery if backups were done with rman_util.

·        rman_util|rman_disk|rman_stage|rman: Used for a backup with the Oracle Recover Manager (RMAN). You can specify rmaninstead of rman_util, rman_disk, or rman_stage for restore of database files and offline redo log files.

See also:

See backup_dev_type