This BRBACKUP command option defines the number of files in a save set.

Input syntax: -s|-saveset 1|2|3|4|tsp|all

Default: 1

1,2,3,4: Number of files in a save set

tsp: each save set contains all files of a tablespace

all: only one save set with all database files is created

The SAP backup library helps to optimize the utilization of quick tape drives by combining multiple data files in save sets. Multiple file access (file multiplexing) maximizes the flow of data (streaming mode).

A save set can contain individual data files, all files of a tablespace, or the complete data backup. The size of the save sets for the backup must be selected according to the tape device. A fast data flow with a minimum save set size is the optimum.

We do not recommend large save sets, since in a restore the complete save set has to be imported, even if only one data file is required.

saveset_members = all is set as standard for an incremental backup with the SAP backup library so that only one “incremental save set” is created including all changed blocks.

For more information, refer to RMAN Save-Set Grouping.