Command Options for BRCONNECT

This section describes the command options for the BRCONNECT tool.

If you use BRCONNECT with command options, these override the corresponding values in the initialization profile init<DBSID>.sap. To use the options, you can specify either the letter indicated or the complete word.


The syntax of a BRCONNECT command is:

brconnect [<command_options>] -f|-function <function> [<function_options>]

brconnect -output detail -function check -default



[-c|-confirm |force]]

[-h|-help [<function>]|[version]]

[-l|-language E|D]

[-o|-output detail|process|summary|[,]time]

[-p|-profile <profile>]

[-q|-query [check]]

[-s|-sapsid <sid>|<sid_list>]

[-u|-user [<user>[/<password>]]]


-f|-function <function> [<function_options>]


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