Adapt Next Extents with BRCONNECT


You can use BRCONNECT to adapt the next extents size. The aim is to avoid the structure of tablespaces deteriorating – that is, breaking up into a large number of small extents – because this reduces database performance. This function is only relevant for dictionary-managed tablespaces. Do not use it if all tablespaces are locally managed.


The database tables and indexes are assigned to one of a number of categories. The standard size of the next extent for each category is defined in the tables TGORA (for tables) and IGORA (for indexes).


When a table requires adapting, the size of the next extent is determined using an algorithm. This also makes sure that the value of MAXEXTENTS for a table or index is not less than the value defined in the TGORA or IGORA table.

You can exclude specified tables or indexes from this function by using the next_exclude parameter.

You can specify individual values for NEXTEXTENT or MAXEXTENTS using the next_special parameter.

For more information on the command line options for adapting the next extents, see -f next.

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