This section describes the information contained in a detail log (a<encoded timestamp>.<ext>, see Names of the BRARCHIVE Detail Logs).

The detail log file contains information about the actions that were performed in the course of the archiving.

·        Displays the relevant parameters of initialization profile init<DBSID>.sap that were set during the BRARCHIVE run.

·        The archiving flow.

Archiving Flow

The log will contain additional information when you start BRARCHIVE with the option -o dist|time or -w|-verify. See Log Supplements for BRBACKUP and BRARCHIVE, -o|-output and -w|-verify.

This information indicates which file was saved where.

·        #ARCHIVE: Name of the relevant offline redo log files.

·        #PFLOG: Name of the relevant profile/log (only when archiving with BACKINT).

·        #SAVED: This entry varies depending on the type of archiving:

         Archiving on Tape

#SAVED  file name, name of tape, position of the file on the tape, compression rate and the size of the compressed file (if compressed) or save set key (if RMAN backup)

         Archiving on disk

#SAVED  file name, symbolic volume name and file position (only important for BRRESTORE), compression rate and the size of the compressed file (only if compressed)

         Archiving using an external backup program

#SAVED  Backup ID returned by the external backup program

This is followed by several closing messages (for example, the total number of processed offline redo log files).

Log Supplements

Using the option -o dist|time [,time|dist] and/or the option -wcauses the detail log to be supplemented.

When you select -o distand no compression rate is available yet, the compression rate 1:1 is selected for the offline redo log files (column rate in the display). Note that BRARCHIVE will only carry out archiving in parallel when started with one of the options -ss or -ssd.

See Log Supplements for BRBACKUP and BRARCHIVE.