Log Supplements

Using the option -o dist|time[,time|dist]and/or the option -w|-verify causes the detail log to be supplemented (the effects are similar for all the SAP utilities). See -o|-output or -w|-verify (for BRBACKUP), -w|-verify (for BRARCHIVE).

Log Supplements When Using: -o dist

Before the backup flow is logged, the SAP utility records information about the distribution of the files for backup among the volumes (tapes or disks) used. The following information is listed:

position  size  rate  compressed  duration  speed  name

·        position Position of the file on the volume.

·        size Size of the file (in bytes).

·        rate Compression rate when hardware or software compression is used. The compression rate is specified as: <value>:1, value=<size (file size before compression)>/<compressed (file size after compression)>.

If no compression rate is available yet for this file, the default value 3:1 is taken as the compression rate for most files (indicated by an asterisk ‘*’ after the compression rate). Exceptions: the files of tablespaces PSAPSOURCED, PSAPLOADD, PSAPPOOLD, PSAPDOCUD, PSAPCLUD and the online redo log files; the default value 1:1 is used for the compression rate.

·        compressed Size of the file (in bytes) after their compression.

·        duration Indicates how long the last backup of this file took (<minutes>:<seconds>). This enables you to approximately estimate the duration of the backup.

·        speed Throughput of the backup (calculation: speed=<size>/<duration> in MB/h)

·        name File name

This information is listed for each volume (tape or disk). The last line (total) shows the totals or averages of the individual columns. An asterisk ‘*’ in column duration indicates that the BRBACKUP optimized distribution of the files among the backup devices for time (only relevant for parallel backups). The goal of this is to balance the load of all the BRBACKUP backup devices. When optimization by time was not possible BRBACKUP attempts to equally distribute the data volume.

Log Supplements When Using: -o time

During the processing, SAP tools issue a timestamp  (BR0284I <BRTOOL> time stamp YYY-MM-DD hh.mm.ss, elapsed time: <minutes>:<seconds>) after every important event, e.g. more often than normal. This information can be used, for example, to track how much time was actually required for a backup (<timestamp after operation complete> minus <timestamp at operation start>); in the case of a parallel backup, these two timestamps need not appear one after another.

After the log entries on the backup flow, a list appears with information about the saved files.

position  duration  size  speed  compressed  rate  name

This information was described above with the use of option -o dist. Of course, the values in column durationhave now been updated. If software compression is used, the current compression rate can also be determined.

Log Supplements When Using: -w|-verify

·        Indicates that verification is active and that twice the backup time is required as a result.

·        Information about which volume was used for the verification run, which files will be restored where, and the result of the check (for example, BR0363I Verification of backup of <file name> successful).

After successful backup to tape, the files are actually restored to disk, the check mechanisms are activated, and the files are deleted. This approximately doubles the backup time required.