Names of the BRBACKUP Detail Logs

Every detail log contains a name with the following format:

b<encoded timestamp>.xyz

The first characters indicate the encoded time the backup was performed (action ID). The extension (function ID) indicates the type of backup.

Possible values for x:

·        a: Whole database was backed up (backup_mode = all|all_data).

·        p: One or more tablespaces or files were backed up (that is, partial backup).

·        f: Full (level 0) database backup (backup_mode = full)

·        i: Incremental (level 1) database backup (back_mode = incr)

Possible values for y:

·        n: The backup was performed online (backup_type = online|online_cons|online_split|online_mirror).

·        f: The backup was performed offline (backup_type = offline|offline_force|offline_standby|offline_split|offline_mirror|offline_stop).

Possible values for z (specification of backup devices):

·        t: Tape device (backup_dev_type = tape|tape_auto|tape_box).

·        d: Local disk (backup_device_type = disk|disk_copy|disk_standby).

·        p: Tape device on a remote system (backup_device_type = pipe|pipe_auto|pipe_box)

·        f: External backup program used; backup performed file by file (backup_device_type = util_file|util_file_online).

·        s: Remote disk (backup_dev_type = stage|stage_copy|stage_standby)

·        r: Backup with rman (backup_dev_type = rman_util|rman_disk|rman_stage)

Other function IDs:

·        tib: One of the BRBACKUP options -i, -i forceor -i show was used to initialize a volume or display the information in the label.

·        qub: One of the BRBACKUP options -q or -q check|split was used to display which volumes are to be used for the backup, or to make sure that these volumes were actually mounted; no backup was started.

·        cmb: The BRBACKUP option -k onlywas used to only perform a software compression, but no backup was started. This can be used to determine the current compression rate of all files.

·        dbv: The BRBACKUP option -w only_dbv was used to verify the internal database block structure with DBVERIFY, but no backup was started.

·        rmp: The BRBACKUP option -d rman_prep was used to prepare for backup with the Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN), but no backup was started.

·        ddb: The BRBACKUP option -db was used to delete a disk backup, but no backup was started.